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About Us

About Us

Most of the power-point presentation slides we prepare are too wonderful to just waste in the hard disc of our computers......
Someone out there can use them very effectively.......

Medical & Laboratory Medicine Slides Hub was built to be a one-stop site for all your slides needs in Medicine and Surgery, Laboratory medicine, and other Paramedical Disciplines. We very much understand the pressure that medical students, Resident doctors, and other paramedical students, both undergraduate and postgraduate alike, undergo while going through their study. 

They are always faced with too much course work and assignments to carry out within a short period of time. Most times, these assignments are confusing. Often times, how to start off doing the assignments or preparing the presentations may not even be handy. At such a time, Medical & Laboratory Medicine Slides Hub becomes a site of great value to resort to. 

You can read and freely download the well-crafted PowerPoint slides and lecture notes, for your personal academic needs. They can serve as powerful tools for revisions during exam periods. You can modify them and use them for your own presentations in seminars.

The contents in this site are designed by Medical consultants, University Medical Lecturers, and Resident doctors. They have given these contents (intellectual property) at no cost as part of their contributions for your personal development and academic empowerment. We will keep on updating the contents and adding new topics as medical science evolves and new findings emerge.

We also encourage any scholar who has good quality power-points slides and/or lecture notes others can benefit from to upload to this site for publication. Please, include your names and your institution when sending us the slide documents.
We hope you will utilize the contents of this hub for your academic excellence.
What you owe us is just to share virally the website with your friends, colleagues, and in your social media.